Saturday, 4 March 2017

Lot's has been happening since my last post....

November fun....

Christmas and New year...

January Banquet....

and lots of lace....

This is what is happening in 2017....

Programme 2017

14th January


Supplier: Jenny Hudson

Bursary Draw

11th March

Supplier: Bags of choice

Make Lace Day:  Share a skill

Competition:  Flower Power

13th May

Supplier: Chris Parsons

Workshop: Jacquie Tinch

Jill Moy Memorial: Lace Fandango

8th July
Fund-raising Bring & Buy

Speaker: Cathy Beach - The Dyebag

Chairman's Choice

9th September

Share a skill:  Sherri Mitchell

Competition:  Her Dressing Table

11th November

Supplier: Mainly Lace

Speaker:  Teresa Whitfield

Competition:  Russia